Jambow work closely with the production team and alongside the film editor and or director.


  • Responsible for delivering to time and budget on the CGI, optics, colour timing, grade, vfx, distribution, mastering and completion of the project
  • Co-ordinating with the post-production sound department

We can oversee the entire post-production phase of film-making, negotiating all fees ensuring you don’t spend anymore than you need, keeping within a realistic and inexpensive budget.


We help develop properties from pre-production through to distribution, specialising in projects with a budget of up to £7m.

Film & TV Rights

Jambow is perfectly placed to maximise the collection of revenue streams of film and television secondary rights for our clients.

As a producer or distributor of films and programmes we help ensure that you retain your rights and through our established relationships with revenue sources we locate, track and collect all revenues generated from broadcasts and sales in all media formats for your productions.